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Welcome to Kiljaeden's Finest!

This guild was formed from a core group of raiders and gladiators from Skullcrusher.  When Wrath dropped, the game queue's for Skullcrusher reached 1000 people and we took advantage of the free realm transfers.  As a guild, we enjoy all aspects of the game from dungeons, castles, and dragon lairs to loyal service to the Defilers, Frostwolf, and Warsong armies to the immersing lore of Azeroth.  Personally, I came to the World of Warcraft straight from playing Warcraft III and the Frozen Throne and longed to explore more of Azeroth as Rexxar with Misha at my side.  It was not to be, however I found solace in the shadows as a mercenary for hire, a top dollar assassin for the Horde, the orc rogue Grekrokash.       

We are a friendly and helpful guild that respects other palyers and enjoys the discussion of game mechanics.  We play to have fun and those who do not share our values of comraderie, generosity, loyalty and above all respect do not add to our happiness.  All are welcome to join, but sadly not all will be able to call it Home.  

We believe ninjas to be a blight on the community no less so then racists, spammers, account thieves, and gold selllers.  Every time a raid is ninja'd a murloc loses its fins.  Don't do it, if you have done it you aren't welcome. 

As a member of many different guilds, social and raiding, a pattern emerged.  All were designed as top down organizations; meaning everything went through the guild master.  I started this guild as an experiment to contrast that top down structure.  I trust my officers and expect them to lead raids each week.  I expect my officers to get the ball going when I unfortunately don't show up for an event.  I want my guild to raid without me if I can't make it because of real life activities.  Just because I have asked you to accompany me and my mates on an adventure doesn't mean I have to be a part of every WoW experience you have. 

If you would like to join us as we proudly serve the Horde and its allies, talk to a member in game.  We could always use another sacrfice for the Doomguard.  

Lok'tar Ogar, Blood and Thunder.

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